December Catering

It’s time for Christmas parties. Shockingly (that’s sarcasm btw), many people don’t plan their office/company/family Christmas parties until after December 1st. Consequently, their choices of date, venue, and menu gets a little limited. Below are the dates and times we are still available for catering or Christmas parties in December 2018.

Sunday, December 9 2-5 pm

Thursday, December 13 2-8pm

Saturday, December 15 until 5pm

Thursday, December 20 all day

If you’ve planned a weekend away on the Buffalo River this holiday season, we’ll be glad to fix you up with in-house parties or pick-up catering. We can customize your menu to fit your tastes and your group size. We do anything from simple cheese and cracker appetizers to locally grown ribeye steak. We absolutely love doing home-style southern cooking for the holidays. And since our specialty is BBQ, that’s a very easy meal to get together for you. Just give us a call at 870-439-2900 or shoot us an email from the contact page on this site to book your party.

If you need more guidance than that, here are the menus for some past and upcoming parties we’ve done.

BBQ Brisket, Baked Beans, White Potato Salad, and Rolls for 40 people, (I just booked this yesterday, so I know off the top of my head it was $8.05 per person, they’re picking it up and serving it themselves)

Beef Tenderloin Smoked Filet, Baked Potatoes, Size Salad, Baguette (Use this one if you want simple, delicious, and elegant. I think it'll run about $12 per person if you pick it up, $15-18 if we serve it here)

Pick 2, in-house, family style dinner: Brisket and chicken quarters, rolls, coleslaw, baked beans ($12.99 per person, and these guys reserved the whole restaurant for a Friday from 3-5pm)

Don’t forget, if there is one of the specials that we run that you absolutely love, we can cater that also! Our Cuban sandwiches, gumbo, and cheesy ham chowder have all sold well lately.

Whatever kind of celebration you’re having this December, we can help you with it! Call us, text us, message us, send us a smoke signal. We’re here to help!