The Valentine's Day Hangover

For Valentine’s day this year, we did things a little different then in years past. We tried to make things a little bit more casual, to appeal to some of our younger customers and also because we have been a little bit short staffed recently - but it was a flop; in our honest opinions. See, for the past few years we’ve gone all out on VDay - tablecloths, fancy dress, flowers and candles. This year we just did our regular restaurant setup, but we ran a steak special and it was so…. blah. We sold some steaks, and they were good… but we didn’t have the turnout that we normally have for the holiday. Our desserts were amazing, and we promoted them as a part of our special… but it wasn’t enough.

Our Specials for Valentine’s Day

Our Specials for Valentine’s Day

As a result, we here at Big Springs Trading Co. have had to ask ourselves some important questions - questions that we really don’t want to consider. Has our food quality changed? What about our service? Or… gasp… could it have been the ambiance?

After asking ourselves these difficult questions, it seems that ambiance is the answer. Not going all out really hurt us this year - if we had done our special Valentine’s Day dinner, it’s likely that we would’ve gotten busier. People appreciate those special details that we offer for the holiday - without them, people were more willing to make a longer drive to get those details instead of dining in at their local restaurant. They look forward to us making it special for their significant others, and without that draw they were more willing to go somewhere else to make them feel special. Because everyone wants their spouse to feel special on Valentine’s Day - they don’t want same old same old, they want to feel like they’re spoiling them.

So we’re disappointed in ourselves this year - we let our community down by not offering the services that we normally offer and we all feel bad about it. So here’s to the Valentine’s Day hangover - may we know better next time, because our community needs us to make them feel special.